Edward Woodman
(1606 - 1692)

Edward Woodman, son of Edward Woodman and Callet Mallet, was christened 17 December 1606 in Corsham, Wilshire, England. He had two sisters, Mary and Elizabeth.

After his mother died 5 July 1611, his father married Edith (surname unknown) and had six more children: Archelaus, Rebecca, Walter, Jonathan, Anne, and David. Edward Woodman married Joanna Salway about 1628.
He and his half-brother, Archelaus Woodman, born 1613/1614, arrived in Newbury aboard the "James" in 1635. Both brothers lived in Newbury on Woodman Lane, now Kent Street.

In Coffin's History of Newbury, Edward Woodman is called "a man of talents, influence, firmness, and decision." The title "Mister" usually preceded his name, which implies he was a prominent citizen. Edward was one of the ninety-one grantees who settled Newbury, MA.

Edward Woodman, a mercer and wine merchant, was licensed 12 January 1637/1638 to sell wine and strong drink. He is also listed as "husbandman" in some records. He became a Freeman 25 May 1636 and was active in the affairs of the Congregational Church in Newbury. On 8 September 1636, he was chosen deputy from Newbury to the General Court, and he served as representative there in 1636, 1637, 1639, and 1643. At various times, he held other offices of profit and trust in Newbury and the state. Among his commissions from the state was "to see people marry" which he later resigned saying "An unprofitable commission: I quickly laid aside the works, which has cost me many a bottle of sacke and liquor, where friends and acquaintances have been concerned."

Archelaus Woodman married first Elizabeth (surname unknown) and second Dorothy Chapman. He had two daughters, but no male heirs. So all area descendants, with the Woodman surname, are from the Edward Woodman line. Newbury records show Archelaus, a lieutenant, served as representative in 1674 and 1675. He died 14 October 1702, aged about ninety.

Edward and Joanna Woodman were parents of eight children: Edward, Jane, John, Joshua, Mary, Sarah, Jonathan, and Ruth. Ruth Woodman, born 28 March 1646, married Benjamin Lowell, son of John Lowell and Elizabeth Goodale of Newbury. Joanna Salway Woodman died in 1688 and Edward Woodman died in the summer of 1692.
Both are likely buried in the cemetery opposite the old Coffin mansion. A monument to Edward Woodman stands in the First Settlers Burying Ground in Newbury, MA.

Submitted by: Lora Tindall

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